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  1. MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 77.1000
    spoil banks; plans. Each operator shall establish and follow a ground control plan for the safe control of all highwalls, pits and spoil banks to be developed after June 30, 1971, which shall be employed by the operator shall be selected to insure highwall and spoil bank stability

  2. Drainage and Irrigation Projects | Gradall Hydraulic Excavators | XL 5200 III With Telestick Repairs Soil Bank Breech
    a spoil bank near the city of Baldwin, officials must be able to react quickly to make repairs spoil bank. Heavy rainfall washed into the holes and created the breech, which had to be repaired constant maintenance, clearing vegetation and obstructions as well as securing spoil banks to make sure the

  3. Spoil bank
    , such as a tip heap from a coal mine. See also:spoil bank spoil-heap fire The spontaneous heating material removed in mining, quarrying, dredging, or excavating. See also:waste spoil bank a. A term . See also:spoil heap spoil dam An earthen dike forming a depression in which returns from a

  4. Czech Geological Survey: Mining impacts
    -out materials from spoil-banks, in dust from slag deposits, and from smelter, as well as in the uppermost layers model environmental geochemical study (scale 1:50,000; the total area of 429 km2). Large spoil banks smelter. Washed-out finegrained material from spoil heaps sampled at the bottom of heaps contain up to 4

  5. MIRMgate : Mining Industry Resource Management
    performed, conducting thorough visual examinations of highwalls and spoil banks immediately before any work

  6. Mining Glossary, Diamond Mining, Dredging Methods, Dredging for gold, Vanadium Mining
    with a second rope, elevates the bucket, and dumps the material on a spoil bank, in a

  7. ngarda :: Completed Projects
    materials haulage Spoil Bank, Port Hedland

  8. sweet home mine - OneMine Mining and Minerals Library search results
    part of the voluntary program of mine operators that ... seeded sweet clover on spoil banks

  9. OSM - Priority 1 and 2 Problem Types
    to the surface are also termed pit. SA Spoil, Spoil Bank The overburden material removed in

  10. Spoil bank
    -6411Fax: (703) 648-6419Email: rthomas@usgs.govAffiliation: GD ER ERPResearch Interests: slope stability of spoil banks, reclamationName: Tornes, LanAddress 1: U.S. Geological SurveyAddress 2: 26 Ganneston Drive

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