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Na2Ca(CO3)2 2H2O
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  1. Pirssonite Image
      Pirssonite Image   Search Webmineral :     Home scientific authors.  Pirssonite Mineral: Pirssonite: Na2Ca(CO3)2·2(H2O) Comments: Almost transparent platy pirssonite crystal. Location: Searles Lake, San Bernardino County, California, USA. Scale

  2. Pirssonite Gallery
    Chat Now! (2 online) Mindat Auctions (beta) Pirssonite Gallery To view 3d wall of images click here Pirssonite : Na2Ca(CO3)2·2H2O Searles Lake, San Bernardino Co., California, USAA 7mm Volkman04/05Photo ID: 32075    View Count: 600 Pirssonite : Na2Ca(CO3)2·2H2O Searles Lake, San

  3. AMCSD Search Results
    structures of CaNa2(CO3)2*5(H2O), synthetic gaylussite, and CaNa2(CO3)2*2(H2O), synthetic pirssonite

  4. Pirssonite
    ingots. See also:pipe piracy Stream piracy. pirssonite An orthorhombic mineral, Na2 Ca(CO3 )2

  5. Minerals by Name (complete list)
    Hydroxide) PICROMERITE (Hydrated Potassium Magnesium Sulfate) PIRSSONITE (Hydrated Sodium Calcium

  6. National Geoscience Database Of IRAN - Mine Mineral
    -50 Pirssonite Na2Ca(CO3)2•2(H2O) F dd2 mm2 V/D.02-60 Gaylussite Na2Ca(CO3)2•5(H2O) I2/a 2/m V/D.02

  7. Copper Basin Tennessee
    may be considered to be ore in another deposit.) Argentite Arsenopyrite Pirssonite Azurite Bornite

  8. Pirssonite
    deposits), and trace amounts of pirssonite and thermonatrite occur sporadically. Trona and dolomite are

  9. Composition of sea water: speciation model using Geochemist’s Workbench | Coal Geology
     Â Â Â Â Â  Chloromagnesite  -24.7928 Gaylussite        -4.3245        Tachyhydrite     -26.8322 Pirssonite  Â Â Â Â Â  Chloromagnesite  -24.7928 Gaylussite        -4.3245        Tachyhydrite     -26.8322 Pirssonite

  10. Mineral Names
    Pirssonite Louis Valentine Pirsson (1860-1919), American

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