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(Li, Na)AlPO4(OH, F)
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  1. Montebrasite Image
      Montebrasite Image   Search Webmineral :     Home get the best stuff. You can put it on layaway for up to six weeks!  Montebrasite Mineral : Montebrasite: LiAl(PO4)(OH,F) Comments: Transparent, pale yellow, tabular crystals of Montebrasite on matrix

  2. Montebrasite Gallery
    Chat Now! (2 online) Mindat Auctions (beta) Montebrasite Gallery To view 3d wall of images click here Montebrasite : LiAlPO4OH Bell Pit (Bell Quarry), Newry, Oxford Co., Maine : 190155    View Count: 636 Montebrasite : LiAlPO4OH Nevel Quarry (Twin Tunnels; United Feldspar

  3. Rodinia Lithium
    minerals petalite, spodumene, amblygonite-montebrasite and lepidolite in giant pegmatite deposits. Lithium

  4. Amalgamet Canada Minerals Product Page
    temperatures. Grade Montebrasite 20.0% min. The objective with montebrasite additions is to lower the firing times and capacity. Tests at McMaster University demonstrated montebrasite additions at the rate of 2-3% allowed a

  5. Rare Metals and Their Applications
    .33% lithium oxide. Montebrasite mineralization is widespread. Lithium is used in the latest generation of and montebrasite which is used in ceramic tiles and specialty glass. Overall, world demand for

  6. Amblygonite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    density, cleavage and flame test for lithium are diagnostic. Amblygonite forms a series with montebrasite chemical composition the names montebrasite and hebronite have been applied to the mineral from these

  7. Montebrasite
    . montebrasite A triclinic mineral, LiAl(PO4 )(OH1 F) ; amblygonite group; perfect cleavage; occurs in

  8. Colorado Prospector - Gem and Mineral information and resources
    , Millerite, Molybdenite, Molybdenum, Monazite, Montebrasite, Muscovite N Nahcolite, Natrolite

  9. American Mineralogist -- Future Table of Contents (Jan 1, 2011, Volume 96, Number 1)
    characterization of transition metal impurities in natural montebrasite/amblygonite Yves Thibault, Allen

  10. TNR Gold/International Lithium Reports Significant Tantalum Mineralization at the Rare Metals Mavis Lake Project, Ont - Metals News - Metals Place
    montebrasite at pegmatite 19 (Ontario Geological Survey, 2000 Miscellaneous Release Data 127). Wodginite is

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