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Results for :Kansas Geological Survey

  1. Print Gemini Reservoir Software - Kansas Geological Survey - 1-Oct-03: News 2003 article: contact Lynn Watney
    785 864 2184   Source: Kansas Geological Survey   http://kgs Gemini Reservoir Software - Kansas Geological Survey See the Press Release for details on the free Gemini reservoir-characterization software available from the Kansas Geological Survey

  2. Guide to Geoscience Careers and Employers
    Geological Survey Kansas Geological Survey Minnesota Geological Survey Montana Bureau of Mines and Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin Colorado Geological Survey Division of Geology and Land Survey, Missouri Department of Natural Resources Florida Geological Survey/FDEP Indiana

  3. Association for Women Geoscientists
    Director of the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) and State Geologist. Must develop and articulate a vision Employment DIRECTOR, KANSAS GEOLOGICAL SURVEY-THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS, LAWRENCE. DIRECTOR – Kansas Geological Survey-The University of Kansas, Lawrence.  Full-time position serving as the

  4. Seistronix Links
    . Kansas Geological Survey Refraction and reflection processing software   Miscellaneous     Kansas Geological Survey Kansas Geological Survey University of Houston Geophysics on the Internet, hosted

  5. 2003 GSA Annual Meeting - Geoscience Horizons - PR - Mandel Recognized for Work in Geoarcheology
    Press Release Kansas Geological Survey For Immediate Release Oct. 13, 2003 --Rolfe Mandel, a geoarcheologist from the Kansas Geological Survey and the Department of Anthropology at the Geological Survey Publications and Public Affairs Mandel Recognized for Work in Geoarcheology LAWRENCE

  6. Kansas Geological Survey
    .A. Butt and C.D. McElwee (Kansas Geological Survey)

  7. TBX Resources Inc. Home Page
    ) Illinois Geological Survey Kansas Geological Survey Kansas production data by county Kansas production Analysts (SPWLA) Surface Survey Information Web Government Agencies Bartlesville Project Office Bureau of Economic Geology Bureau of Land Management California Energy Commission

  8. WVGES Links: U.S.-based Geological Surveys
    Indiana Geological Survey Iowa Geological Survey Kansas Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Delaware Geological Survey Florida Geological Survey Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental

  9. GSIS Members' Home Pages
    Research Library   Janice Sorenson Kansas Geological Survey   Julie Sweetkind-Singer Branner Memorial Library of Geology Ohio State University   Shelly Sommer Institute for Arctic and Alpine

  10. An introduction to this special section: Hydrogeophysics
    Miller Kansas Geological Survey Abstract Water is obviously essential for human survival

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