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  1. Crossite Image
      Crossite Image   Search Webmineral :     Home get the best stuff. You can put it on layaway for up to six weeks!  Crossite Mineral : Crossite: Na2(Mg,Fe++)3(Al,Fe+++)2Si8O22(OH)2 Comments: Long metallic, black, prismatic crystals or

  2. Crossite: Crossite mineral information and data.
    Chat Now! (2 online) Mindat Auctions (beta) Crossite Bragança District, Portugal © Martins da Pedra Show Crossite Photos (2)Colour:BlueHardness:6Name:Named in 1894 by Charles Palache for .Classification of Crossite IMA status:Discredited 1997Hey's CIM Ref.:16.20.416 : Silicates Containing Aluminum and

  3. Crossite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Crossite From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Crossite from California Crossite is a ] References ^ RIEBECKITE (Sodium Iron Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide) [edit] External links Crossite

  4. Porter GeoConsultancy - Ore Deposit Description
    , rarely hornblende and crossite) with diopside, albite, epidote, apatite, magnetite, biotite, muscovite crossite are found within the magnetite grains. Stockwork ores - which are represented by irregular

  5. Crossite
    associated with lawsonite, pumpellyite, or epidote. CF:crossite; riebeckite. glaucophane schist A

  6. Field Itineraries
    quartz or phengite, are observed. The blue amphibole (crossite and/or glaucophane) has grown lately : (a) Chloriteschists have chlorite, garnet, quartz, ±talc, ±chloritoid, ±crossite, ±paragonite and (ilmenite, apatite and epidote) occurring in the core, whereas rare inclusions of rutile, crossite and

  7. List of minerals - Reference
    Crocoite Cronstedtite Crookesite Crossite Cryolite Cumberlandite Cummingtonite Cuprite

  8. Nomenclature of amphiboles; Report of the Subcommittee on Amphiboles of the International Mineralogical Association, Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names
    (now magnesiohornblende) are abolished, as are crossite (now glaucophane or ferroglaucophane or

  9. LithJohnson01 - GeoReference Online Ltd.
    metamorphic rock with a blue color owing to the presence of sodic amphibole, glaucophane, or crossite