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  1. Carrollite Image
      Carrollite Image   Search Webmineral :     Home Great Prices!  Carrollite Mineral: Carrollite: Cu(Co,Ni)2S4 Comments: Carrollite crystal with

  2. Carrollite Gallery
    Chat Now! (2 online) Mindat Auctions (beta) Carrollite Gallery To view 3d wall of images click here Carrollite : Cu(Co,Ni)2S4 Patapsco mine (Patapsco Mines; Finksburg Mine; Wildesen Mine; Orchard Mine), Finksburg, Sykesville, Carroll Co., Maryland, USAThese old Carrollites are very

  3. National Geoscience Database Of IRAN - Mine Mineral
    - Table11- Table11- Table11. Table 11- Table 11- Table11- Table 11- •Carrollite Table12-General Carrollite Information Table12-General Carrollite Information Table12- Table12

  4. Porter GeoConsultancy - Ore Deposit Description
    Fraser 1980): i). Cobalt-lead zone: up to 5 m (galena, lesser sphalerite and carrollite); ii ). Cobalt-nickel zone: up to 3 m (linnaeite, carrollite, bravoite, gersdorffite); iii). Copper-cobalt zone: up to 3 m (bornite, chalcocite, linnaeite, carrollite); iv). Uranium-copper zone: up to 18 m wide (pitchblende and

  5. Carrollite
    aerial ropeway. Pryor, 3 carrollite An isometric mineral, Cu(Co,Ni)2 S4 ; linnaeite group

  6. magnetite hematite - OneMine Mining and Minerals Library search results
    , ilmenite, rutile, chal- copyrite, bornite, covellite, cobaltian pyrite, carrollite

  7. Cobalt
    from 7.5 Mt of ore. Production was from the Cattlegrid deposit, with cobalt occurring as carrollite (Cu include Olympic Dam, where carrollite is a minor mineral in the Cu–U–Au–Ag ore, and Wallaroo copper mines

  8. Economic Geology -- Table of Contents (1 May 1979, 74 [3])
    carrollite (CuCo 2 S 4 )-linnaeite (Co 3 S 4 ) series Economic Geology 1979 v. 74, p. 657

  9. Czech Geological Survey: Mining impacts
    fine sulphide fraction (pyrite, chalcopyrite, covelline, chalcocite and carrollite) found in washed

  10. Product Detail
    districts in having abundant Co and low Ag, Zn, and Pb. The Cu-Co sulfide carrollite is widespread in the

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