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Results for :Radium Hill

  1. Radium Hill Mine
    Radium Hill Mine Radium Hill Mine - 1906 to 1961 Radium Hill Mine - 1961 to Present

  2. Radium Hill, SA
    Radium Hill, SA Discovered1906 Ore Processed969,300 tonnes Operating Mine1906 to 1930s (radium)1954 to 1962 (uranium) Average Grade U3O80.09-0.13% U3O8 Produced852 tonnes Radium Hill Photo Gallery (~300 kb) - Port Pirie Photos Radium Hill was Australia's first uranium mine and was

  3. Radium Hill, SA
    :   Radium Hill, SA      Radium Hill, SA uranium mineralisation at the Radium Hill Mine, less than 5 km from the Toro’s tenement, was mined between the same rock types as at the Radium Hill Mine, but beneath thin cover. PROJECT DETAILS

  4. Radium Hill - Reference
    . References ^ a b c d e f "Welcome". Radium Hill Historical Association. http://www.radiumhill Retrieved 2009-07-27.  ^ a b c d e f "Radium Hill, SA". > Reference > Radium Hill Reference Get Expert Help Do you have a

  5. Radon, radium and uranium in stream sediments and soils.
    In geochemical prospecting using stream sediments and soils, radium is more direct than uranium . At the Faraday Mine, radium in the A-horizon and B-horizon and uranium in the B-horizon all ore, but gives a strong anomaly in the swampy soil lower down the hill. Also in the Bancroft area

  6. Groundwater in the Gas Hills - List
    TAILINGS SITE GAS HILLS, WYOMING A PowerPoint Presentation Presented in July 1995 By UMETCO Minerals Deposit (After Devoto, 1978) Contaminant Sources and Monitor Wells Gas Hills, Wyoming Hills Uranium Mill Site (License Condition 35) Nickel Selenium Uranium

  7. Radium Hill
    .3333333333,140.616666667,"~~166.html\">Radium Hill mine, Radium Hill area, Mingary, Olary Province, South Australia, Australia","Radium Hill mine, Radium Hill area, Mingary, Olary Province, South Australia, Australia"); }

  8. PGC Publishing - Literature Order Page - Paper
    criteria:   Radium Hill   RESULTS   of   SEARCHTo Order - Select & click Continue below Title, Reference & Keywords Pages Select Parkin L W, 1965 - Radium Hill uranium mine -313 Keywords:   Australasia, South Australia, SA, Radium Hill, Metamorphic Hosted, Shear controlled, Vein

  9. Alberta Star Development Corp. - Eldorado & Contact Lake - Mag Hill - Sun Nov 28, 2010
    signature and zone at Mag Hill is similar to that of the Port Radium- Eldorado uranium mine area situated on Mag Hill click to enlargeASX Overview Map The Mag Hill target area is an IOCG plus uranium drill prospect at Contact Lake. The Mag Hill target is the site of the most

  10. Giralia Resources NL
    deposit and from the historic Radium Hill uranium mine. Crocker Well contains 12.4 million tonnes @ 0 to those at Crocker Well and Radium Hill. Rock chip sampling during the December 2006 quarter

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